2022 Western Idaho Fair Photo Competition Highlights


"TRADITION (Celebrating 125 Years)"

Photo Divisions

Professional Division

A Professional is anyone who is currently charging, or has charged fees for providing photography services of any kind, has photos in a gallery for sale, and/or teaches photography for fees. If you meet any of the qualifications for a Professional and knowingly enter photos into the Amateur, Senior Vision or Advanced Amateur Divisions, you will be disqualified. If after two years of NOT charging fees for providing photography services of any kind, has NOT had photos in a gallery for sale, and/or has NOT taught photography for fees, you can move back to Advanced Amateur Division.

Advanced Amateur Division

An Advanced Amateur is an experienced member of camera clubs, photographer with formal photography education, or an experienced photographer who does not sell their photography.

Other Divisions

Other Divisions include Senior Vision and Amateur. Please see link at the bottom to the Western Idaho Fair Rules website for these division descriptions.

Superintendent Photography Challenge

This Challenge is open to all, regardless of your Division. Your entry fee of $25.00 (per Challenge) is pooled with all other entrants’ fees for the Challenge(s) you enter and then it’s winner take all! This year there are two Challenges:

Superintendent Challenge Division 5-Class 147

Dark and Moody Photography Style (Color or Monochrome): Notable for its deep and dramatic tones, moody images are always captivating in their own ways. Dark and Moody photos often have a sense of Passion, Mystery, Intrigue and Mystique.

Superintendent Challenge Division 5-Class 148

Shallow Depth of Field (Color or Monochrome): You can use a shallow depth of field if the surroundings seem uninteresting or you want to single out a point of interest. A shallow depth of field is an excellent way to make your subject stand out from its surroundings. This is why depth of field is perfect for subject isolation, head-shots, portraits, to blur out “ugly” backgrounds, etc…

Image Size Rule (Professional, Advanced Amateur & Superintendent Challenge): Images can be any size between 8” x 10” and 13” x 19”. Prints above or below those dimensions will not be accepted. Special Exception: You can also submit a Square Image Size. The following are acceptable: 10 x 10", 11 x 11", 12 x 12", 13 x 13", 14 x 14", 15 x 15", or 16 x 16".

Exhibitor Photo Entry Quantity (Professional, Advanced Amateur): A total of four images can be submitted but no more than three can be Color photos. You can submit three Color photos and one Monochrome photo; three Monochrome photos and one Color photo; two Color and two Monochrome photos or any combination, as long as you do not submit more than three photos in the Color class or three photos in the Monochrome class. Entries in the Superintendent Challenge do not count against the entry quantity limits of four images that apply in the Professional and Advanced Amateur Divisions. You may also enter one or both of the Superintendent’s Challenges for a maximum of SIX images.


Western Idaho Fair Photography Department Rules: https://idahofair.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/exhibitors/open-class/building/Photography.pdf

Western Idaho Fair Photography Competition Entry Link: https://idahofair.com/open-class/enter-online/

Western Idaho Fair on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5101219446583254

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