When and Where

The club meets the first four Thursdays of the month at 7:15 PM to 9:00 PM, and the location of each meeting can be found on our calendar, available here.  Generally, we meet at the West Ada School District location in the Clearwater or Payette rooms, which can be accessed by going in the east door of the building and taking a right.

Each week is devoted to different areas of photography. 

The first Thursday is Guest Speaker Night, the second Thursday is Print Night, the third Thursday is Projection Night, and the fourth Thursday is a combination General Meeting and Workshop Night (see definitions below for more information).

In addition to the weekly meetings, the club hosts two annual banquets, the Founder's Day banquet and the Annual Awards banquet.

Boise Camera Club meeting dates are subject to change due to conflicts with national holidays or special events.  Again, please check the site's calendar page for the most current schedule information.

Meeting Types

Guest Speaker Night

Held the first Thursday of the month, and consists of a guest speaker, typically someone from outside of BCC, presenting on a topic related to any aspect of photography.

Print Night

Held the second Thursday of the month, Print Night offers members an opportunity to have printed photos judged and critiqued by club peers. 

Projection Night

Held the third Thursday of the month, Projection Night offers members an opportunity to have projected images judged and critiqued by club peers. 


Held the fourth Thursday of the month, Workshops offer a wide variety of photography topics including techniques, software, and equipment used in creating images.

General Meeting

Also held the fourth Thursday of the month, the General Meeting offers a brief presentation of club business followed by a guest speaker or other photography related topic. 

Annual Awards

Members are invited to enter prints and/or projected images in the club's Annual Awards Competition. Awards banquet generally occurs in April of each year and is announced right after the first of each year.

Virtual (Zoom) Meeting Etiquette

When attending our BCC Zoom meetings, you will initially be placed in a "Waiting Room". This is a way for us to assure all attending our Zoom meetings are BCC Members or invited guests and to screen out any "intruders" we do not want in our meetings.

Trying to coordinate a presentation for both a classroom audience watching on the classroom projector and a Zoom audience has some technical challenges. Of particular concern is people who show up late to the Zoom presentation and must still be admitted from the Waiting Room. This disrupts the presentation and creates technical difficulties. Going forward, we will institute a policy that once the Zoom portion of a presentation has started, no one will be admitted. (Much like no one being allowed to enter a theater during the performance.). The Zoom "door" will be locked once a meeting starts.

Expanding on this, BE ON TIME, early if possible. We typically start club meetings at 7:00 p.m. Log into Zoom early. This assures you will get in, allows time for any technical difficulties to be handled, gives you pre-meeting time to casually visit with fellow club members and often with the presenter. Most of all, it is simple courtesy. Being late is not only frowned upon, you will no longer be admitted to the meeting.

One thing we will do now is have a break half-way through our Zoom-presented meetings. We often go 2-hours and that's a long time without a break. We will monitor the Waiting Room and if you do show up late, or lose your Zoom connection and have to be let back in, we might be able to do that during our break.

Just before the Zoom meeting starts, everyone but the presenter will be muted. We do not want to hear dogs barking, unsolicited comments, snoring, or other sounds you make broadcast live to the group because you didn't know your mic was hot. Always check to be sure you are muted during a meeting.

We like to be able to see and chat with our members before the meeting starts. Having your video and mic on then is fine. Before the meeting starts, mute your mike and turn off your video. This also conserves bandwidth and makes Zoom run better.

Sometimes we will ask if there are questions. Presenters like questions from the group to assure them the audience is interested and engaged. If we ask for questions, hold down the spacebar on your keyboard like the key of a walkie-talkie while you speak. This will temporarily unmute you. Say what you need to and then let go of the spacebar. This will mute you again.

Not all club meetings lend themselves to Zoom. We will try to simulcast as many meetings as we can, but this requires people to manage the controls. Some meetings, Print Night is a good example, don't lend themselves as nicely to Zoom as we must try to broadcast video of a printed image. Seeing a Zoom image of a printed photo just isn't the same. We will explore whether having a Zoom simulcast of Print Night is a good idea or not.

If you are a Presenter or Critiquer at our meetings, understand that you are also speaking to a Zoom audience too and thus need to stand close to the microphone so the Zoom audience can hear you. Perhaps as photographers, we're more used to being behind the camera, but in this case, if you are speaking or presenting you must be in mic/camera range.

We have not only survived, but thrived during this time of Covid as a club because we have been able to stay connected. We have people who can't or don't wish to attend meetings in person and yet using Zoom we can still allow them to participate. Out of necessity, we learned to use Zoom. Now we see how it can expand our reach. In time, we would like to consider extending invitations to other clubs to sit in on some of our Zoom meetings. There are exceptional resources, new ideas, and talented people we can tap into if we are receptive and accommodating.

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