General Information

-Judges for Print and Projection nights are Boise Camera Club members with proven track records of consistently high scoring images, and/or a portfolio of well above average work.

-Images submitted on Print and Projection nights are judged by a three-person panel.

-Each judge scores each image in three categories: Technical, Composition, and Impact. Each judge has a scoring range of five levels. The scores of each judge are totaled for each print, thus the total score for an image will range from 15 to 27 points. ‚Äč

-Judges are not allowed to score their own images or their spouse's images. In this case the remaining two judges scores will be averaged, then rounded to the next whole number.

-After an image is scored, a critique is given of the image.

Image Scoring Matrix

Level Point Value Total Point Value
Excellent 9 27
Good 8 24
Above Average 7 21
Average 6 18
Below Average 5 15
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