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2018 Field Trips

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BCC members Darin Hlavinka and Kaylyn Franks will be your 2018 field trip chairpersons.

Your Next Scheduled Field Trips

Friday March 30, 2018   7-10pm. Night Photography  (MAP)

Peter Reali, Facilitator

Meeting Location: 8th Floor of the parking garage located at 9th and Front Streets in Downtown Boise

Itinerary: Join Lead photographer Peter Reali and fellow BCC members on Friday March 30th for a Downtown Boise Nightscape photoshoot. Meet at 7pm on the 8th floor of the Downtown parking garage located at 9th and Front streets. We will start by photographing the cityscape at sunset. Equipment to bring: Tripod with widest angle lens you have. Bring a panorama head for shooting stitched images (if you have one). After shooting from the 8th floor we may proceed down and shoot from the street level. Please signup through this Eventbrite invite.

Recommended Equipment: Beginners- Tripod with the widest angle lens you have, shooting in manual mode at ISO 100, shutter speed 30 sec., f22. Practice auto focus on corners with light so focus will work. Switch to manual focus if having problems. Experienced- Same as above, bring panorama head for shooting stitched images (if you have one). Read up on: 1. Nodal points and parallax with stitched images 2. Correcting barrel and pincushion distortion 3. For severe corrections using warp filter in Photoshop 4. Good panorama stitching programs are- (to be discussed).


Saturday April 7, 2018   9am-12pm   Fashion Photoshoot

Bart Cepek, Facilitator

By Eventbrite invitation only (BCC members check your email)


Saturday April 7, 2018   12pm-3pm  Auto Studio Photoshoot

Bart Cepek, Facilitator

By Eventbrite invitation only (BCC members check your email)


Saturday April 28, 2018 1pm-5pm  Old Idaho Pen/Botanical Gardens Photoshoot

Paul Pulley, Facilitator

Located at 2445 Old Penitentiary Road in Boise.

Please no tripods or camera bags. An admission charge is due at entrance.


Saturday May 5, 2018 Equine Workshop 

Tamara Gooch, Facilitator

Link To Poster


Friday June 15, 2018  Sunday June 17 Time TBD

Craters of the Moon Field Trip

Link To Poster

Kaylyn Franks, Facilitator

Start at the Craters of the Moon visitors center. There will be an orientation and guided locations to photograph. Optional return trip 6/17 to photograph Camas Lilly.


Friday and Saturday June 29th and 30th

Professional Photographer Guy Tal

Link To Poster


‚ÄčSaturday July 14, 2018  8am-4pm (or later)  Silver City Photoshoot

Kat Potter, Facilitator

Starts at the Owyhee County Courthouse in Murphy, ID. Spend the day exploring the historic ghost town of Silver City in the Owyhee Mountains.


Friday Sept 8-Saturday Sept 9th Leslie Gulch/Nightscape

Scott Dehart, Facilitator

Stay tuned for more details..


Thursday November 1st- Sunday November 4th Zion National Park

Scott Dehart, Dan Mottaz, and Harold Hall, Facilitators

Details to be announced approx. mid-March


Waiver Form (waiver form link)

The waiver form link with open a new browser window leading you  to DropBox. In the upper right corner, select download, complete then send to Darin Hlavinkas at:  You can also print the form and hand it at one of our meetings to Darin Hlavinka, Kaylyn Franks or Ruthann Greene. 

Looking forward to seeing you all out shooting and having fun!

Thank You!

Darin and Kaylyn

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