Intra-Club Competitions

Boise Camera Club sponsors one intra-club competition per year. Currently titled the Annual Awards Banquet/Luncheon, the event is typically scheduled on a Saturday afternoon or evening, during the month of April. Only current members of Boise Camera Club can enter images in this competition.

There are two divisions in the Annual Awards competition: Prints and Projected Images. The rules and categories change year to year. It is the responsibility of club members to prepare and submit entries that are in compliance with the current year's rules.

Inter-Club Competitions

The BCC has a club membership with the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Under the umbrella of membership in PSA, BCC is also a member of the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (aka 4Cs), which is a group of regional camera clubs from Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho, most of which are also members of PSA. One of the club membership benefits of both PSA and 4Cs is that BCC can participate in Interclub Competitions.

PSA Interclub Competitions

In PSA Interclub Competitions BCC would compete against other PSA member clubs from around the world (PSA has member clubs in 80 countries). PSA annually operates a group of Interclub Competitions that reflects the variety of categories (aka Divisions) that are available in PSA recognized International Exhibitions. The categories that are available are Open Projected Image (PID), Creative Projected Image, Nature, Photojournalism, Photo Travel, 3D and Photo Print. BCC currently participates in PSA's Projected Image Division (PID), Nature (ND) and International Club Print Competition (ICPC). Others can be available if club members wish to participate. Volunteer representatives from the membership of BCC organize and submit the interclub entries that are typically drawn from images submitted at print or projection night.

PSA's Projected Image and Nature Divisions

Bi-monthly from October through May, top scoring member images shown on projection night, as well as other images selected by the BCC PSA representatives are sent to the PSA's Projected Image and Nature division competitions. These images are judged by trained judges from PSA.

PSA's International Club Print Competition (ICPC)

Each month, from October through May, entries are selected from prints shown at BCC monthly Print Night meetings by the BCC ICPC print chair.

Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs) Competitions

4Cs offers three different types of competition for members of BCC: Monthly Interclub Electronic Image Division competition (EID), Quarterly Individual Electronic Image Division (QEID) and Monthly Interclub Print Competition (MIPC). Monthly EID competition operates from October through May in a manner very similar to PSA Interclub competitions. BCC would only compete against the other clubs that are members of 4Cs. Typically the entries for Monthly EID are selected and submitted by the Projection Night chair from the highest scoring images submitted by members during BCC Projection Nights. These images are judged by different clubs within the 4Cs. Winning images are returned and shown before the projected image meeting starts.

Quarterly Electronic Image Division (QEID) is open to every member of BCC whether they are a member of PSA or not. Each member of BCC who wishes to participate in the QEID competitions is responsible for organizing and submitting their own competition entries. Each member can submit up to 3 entries each quarter. There are three categories for entries; Traditional, Monochrome and Creative Altered Reality.

This link will take you to the 4Cs QEID entry portal:

This link will take you to a gallery of images that received honors is past 4Cs Projected Image competitions.

Monthly 4Cs Interclub Print Competition occurs each month from October through May. Entries are typically selected from prints shown at monthly Print Night meetings by the BCC 4Cs print chair.

This link will take you to the 4Cs Print information page:

NOTE: Prints sent to PSA's ICPC or 4Cs Print Competition can take several months before they are returned.

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