ByLaws - Boise Camera Club

By Laws

ARTICLE I - NAME The name of this organization shall be: Boise Camera Club, Incorporated, (Club) a non-profit corporation.

ARTICLE II - PURPOSE The object of the Club shall be the mutual advancement of its members in the art of photography.

ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP Membership is offered to anyone interested in photography, who is willing to share the results of his/her experiences and knowledge with other members of the club.

-Subsection 1 - Membership Classes 

The membership classes shall be: Regular Member and Lifetime Member. Lifetime membership is granted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors (Board).

-Subsection 2 - Dues

The dues for each membership class in Club shall be set by the Board during the third quarter of each calendar year. Member dues paid during the fourth quarter, will also fully pay the dues for the following calendar year.

-Subsection 3 - Dismissal

The Board, whenever, in its judgement, the best interests of the Club are at stake, may remove a Member of the Club, by a supermajority (5 votes) vote of the Board.


-Subsection 1 - Club Meetings

Club meetings shall be held four times per month with Club business handled by the Board and notice of meeting location will be available on the web site.

-Subsection 2 - Board Meetings

The Board shall meet once a month to plan and schedule Club business and activities. All Board meetings are open to anyone wanting to attend.

-Subsection 3 - Excursions

Excursions (field trips, tours, classes, etc.) that are sponsored by the Club, need to be approved by Board.

-Subsection 4 - Functions

The Board shall schedule two annual functions. An Awards Banquet, to recognize members for their photographic achievement, shall be scheduled in late winter/early spring. A Founders Day Celebration, to recognize the founding of the Club, shall be scheduled in the fall.

-Subsection 5 - Special Meetings Special meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Board.


-Subsection 1 - Number of Board The Board shall consist of four elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and three representatives (Board Members) and the past president. The Board is elected from the membership at large who are in good standing. The prior president exercises voting rights only in cases of a tie vote.

-Subsection 2 - Term

The term of office for all board members shall be one year. No Board member can remain in the same Board position for more than four consecutive terms.

-Subsection 3 - Quorum for Business

A quorum shall be five Board members present at the Board meeting. No business shall be conduced by the Board unless a quorum is present.

-Subsection 4 - Nomination & Election of Board

On or before the regular business meeting of the Club in October, the Board shall appoint a nominating committee of three members. The nominating committee shall, at the General Meeting in November, announce the slate of Board members to be placed into nomination for December’s election. Nominations will remain open until November 30. Any member can nominate any member in good standing for a Board position, but members can only be elected to an office by being present or by having a letter of intent on record. Only active members can participate in the voting. Voting will be held in person or by absentee ballot. All Absentee votes must be emailed to the President two days before the first December meeting and all in person votes will be gathered at the first December meeting of the month. The tallied results of absentee and in-person votes will be emailed out to the membership by the President within 24 hours after completion of the voting.

-Subsection 5 - Board Vacancies

Vacancies occurring on the Board during the term for which they have been elected shall be filled by the Board until the next regular election.

-Subsection 6 - Removal of Board Member

The Board, whenever, in its judgment, the best interests of the Club are at stake, may remove a Board Member or chair person of the Club, by a super majority (5 votes) vote of the Board.


-Subsection 1 - Board of Directors The Board shall administer the affairs of the Club, its finances and authorize or approve all expenditures prior to any commitment of Club funds by any member, and payment by the Treasurer. Expenditures identified and within the amount specified in the budget approved by the Board are considered authorized and may be obligated and paid by the Treasurer without further approval by the Board. In addition to the officers' duties described above, each officer will perform other duties as may be directed by the President.

-Subsection 2 - President

The President shall preside at business meetings of the Club and the Board meetings abiding end enforcing the bylaws of the Club. The President shall be listed on Club's financial accounts and authorized to sign checks for Board authorized expenditures if the Treasurer is not available.

-Subsection 3 - Vice President

The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall perform all duties incumbent upon the President. The Vice President shall arrange for the programs at the first Club meeting of the month.

-Subsection 4 - Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Club’s regular business meetings and those of the Board of Directors and receive and issue correspondence as necessary.

-Subsection 5 - Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect all dues and other funds and deposit the same in a financial institution designated by the Board. The Treasurer shall also maintain a record of current members. The Treasurer shall make such disbursements as authorized or approved by the Board; keep a correct account of receipts and disbursements; render a full report annually or more frequently if required by the Club or Board. At the end of the term, the Treasurer shall turn over all property, records, data, and passwords of the Club in his possession to his successor when new Treasurer is duly installed.


The Board may designate one or more committee or chair to serve the interest of the Club. The Board shall appoint an Auditing Committee in December. The duties of the Auditing Committee shall be to audit, and provide a written report of the accounts of the retiring Treasurer before turning over the books and accounts to the newly elected Treasurer.


The Board shall create proposed changes to the bylaws as needs are identified. Once documented and approved by the Board, the proposed changes to the bylaws will be communicated by email to the members of the Club at least thirty days prior to a Club vote on the changes. The voting shall be held at the first Club meeting of the month or special meeting called for such purpose. Approval of proposed changes to the bylaws must pass by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Unanimously adopted and as amended: Article IV, March 6, 1968; Article VI, Paragraph 4, February 6, 1963; Article IV, Paragraph 2, December 5, 1995; Article I, Article II, Article III, Article IV, Article VI, Article VII, Article VIII, Article IX, and Article X July 3, 2001; Article III, Article IV, Article V, Article VI, Article VII, Article VIII, September 2, 2014.

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