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Members are invited to enter prints and/or projected images in the club's Annual Awards Competition.

Print Competition Rules:


Abstracts (AB) – unlike other types of photography, Abstract Photography does not represent the subject in a literal way, it is not about the subject. Abstract Photography communicates primarily through Lines, Patterns, Textures, Angles, Color Variation, Tonal Variation, Shape, Form, Curves, Symmetry, Geometry, Perspective (especially depth), Focus and Depth of Field, Blur (bokeh), and vie Expression of Movement. For the viewer, Abstract Photography is not about knowing and recognizing the subject, it is more about emotionally connecting with it nd enjoying the “FEEL” of how the image looks.

Creative ( C ) - presents a fictional or conceptual image, or photographic art. Utilizes methods which alter the appearance of the image so that it is substantially different from the way it would normally appear to the human eye. Examples of methods applied are, multiple exposures, high or low contrast derivations (high key, low key) zoom and/ or use of camera movement, adding textures or patterns, obvious change in natural color, form, and/or shape, and often a blending or composite image. Note:One thing that is not considered creative is a straight HDR image. HDR is now too mainstream to be considered creative. Elements may be HDR, but not HDR as the sole “creative element”.

Landscape (L) – Scenery and can include seascapes.

Marco (M) – Any subject taken with a macro or close-up lens giving 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.

Monochrome (MON) – is photography where the image produced has a single hue, rather than recording the colors of the object that was photographed. It includes all forms of black and white photography, which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white. Other hues bedsides grey, such as sepia, cyan or brown can also be used in monochrome photography.

Man Made Architectural (MMA) – Buildings, bridges, man-made structures, dams, towers, barns, cars, etc. The structure should be the main component and focus of the photograph.

Nature (N) – flowers, bugs, fish, birds, animals, and plant photography (non-macro)

Portrait (P) – Portrait, a person or animal or a group. The portrait subject can be posed or non posed. The primary focus of the image needs to be the subject of the portrait.

New Member (NM) – image can be of anything. New member is one year or less.


PRINT Competition Rules:

Submission Rules: Images will be accepted if they conform to the following rules: Maximum of (4) four prints. Maximum of one print per category. This is the same rule for Projection.

-Prints may be color and /or monochrome (tones of one color) Prints entered in previous Annual Awards Competitions (print or projection) may not be entered again in subsequent years.

-Prints may range in size from 5x7 inches (35 square inches) to 16x20 inches (320 square inches)

-Prints do not need to have been shown to the club previously.

-Prints must have a label on the back of the photo in the upper left hand corner with the following information: Makers name, address, phone number, print title, print category (see list above). Create your own label or use the label template on the BCC web page. Please do not mount your prints.

-Photos must have the PRINT CATEGORY marked on the back of the photo in the upper center area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prints are to be given to Dan Mottaz, Print Chair, only during the Tuesday night BCC meetings.

PRINT ENTRIES: Start date is Feb. 13, 2018 and deadline March 20, 2018 Any question you have that pertains to PRINT, please contact Dan Mottaz.


PROJECTION Image Competition Rules:

Maximum of (4) four digital images may be entered. Maximum of one print per category. This is the same rule for Print. · SIZE: Image must be in JPEG format, and the JPEG file size between 2MG (2000 KB).

Image WIDTH not to exceed 1920 pixels, and image HEIGHT not to exceed 1200 pixels. Image must be named according to the NAMING FORMAT (See Below)

Attach image (s) to an email address to

Subject should have Annual Awards Competition. Include your name in the body of the email. Dates to begin submitting and cut off date will be posted on Facebook and at club meetings. Early submission is encouraged.

Images must be named according to the following format:

First NAME (space) Last NAME (dot) NAME of Image (dot) AA18 (dot) category code. JPEG

See above category list above for detailed descriptions.

Example: Shane Davila. Snow Skier. AA18. Jpg · NOTE: AA18 stands for Annual Awards 2018. If you are unsure of the best category for your image, the Projection Chair can help you decide where to place it.

Important Note:

Shane Davila, Projection Chair - Projection entries start date is Feb. 11, 2018 and deadline date is March 18, 2018. Any question you have that pertains to Projection, please contact Shane Davila. Please use this email address to submit your entries for Projection to

Save the date of April 20, 2018 for the Annual Awards Dinner 6pm to9 pm

Our party will be held in the Salmon room at the West Ada School District located at 1303 E. Central Drive, Meridian. (same building our regular BCC meetings are held.)

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