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About Us

The Boise Camera Club (BCC) is where photographers come to sharpen their vision, hone their skills, and share their knowledge. Our membership includes people from all over the Treasure Valley (and a few from out of state) and includes photographers of all skill levels - from seasoned professionals who have been photographers for decades, to brand new photographers who have just picked up a camera. The one thing we all have in common: a passion for excellence in photography.

The Boise Camera Club, Inc. (BCC) was founded in November of 1934, as a non-profit, social organization made up of individuals with a common interest in photography. The club's membership consists of every skill level from beginner to advanced, amateur to professional. The club's goal is to share knowledge, experiences, and camaraderie by learning from each other.

Board Chairs

The Boise Camera Club board meets the last Thursday of every month, location to be announced.

All board meetings are open to club members.

Board and Chair Contact Information:
President: Harold Hall - president@boisecameraclub.org
Vice President: Derek Ford
Treasurer: Greg Stringham - treasurer@boisecameraclub.org
Secretary: Heidi Egerman

Member Chairs
Member Rep: Jeff Armstrong
Member Rep: Neale Jenks
Member Rep: Peter Reali
Member Rep: Tracy Savage-Wilson

Print - Projection - Workshop Chairs
Print Chair: Dan Mottaz
Projection Chair: Shane Davila
Workshop Chair: Rick Ohnsman

Membership Chairs
Membership Chair: Ruthann Greene - membership@boisecameraclub.org

Field Trip Chairs
Field Trip Chair: Currently Vacant
Social Chair: Currently Vacant

Photography Society Representatives
4Cs Representative: Frank Barnhart  - 4cs@boisecameraclub.org
ICPC Representative: Frank Barnhart - icpc@boisecameraclub.org
PSA Representative: Jim Shane - psa@boisecameraclub.org

Web Site Issues or Questions?
Contact: webmaster@boisecameraclub.org

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